ArcticPRO® ACX 350

ArcticPRO® ACX 350


  • Efficient and successful servicing,  regardless of the vehicle and ambient temperature
  • USB interface, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for  remote diagnostics, software updates,  and ASA connectivity
  • Suitable for: passenger cars as well as  commercial, off-road, agricultural, and hybrid vehicles
  • LED light indicates status anywhere in the workshop
  • Remote Display via
    a smartphone/tablet app (iOS & Android)
  • Ergonomic design: handle to open front  of the unit; quick and time saving service



ArcticPRO® ACX 350 is the perfect compromise for those who want a complete station, equipped with the UV Test function and the ArcticPRO® technologies, at a convenient price level. The New Oil bottle and the UV Tracer bottle are both equipped with Oil Care System. ArcticPRO® ACX 350 can be easily converted for managing the R-1234yf, or if necessary, also the new R513a, thanks to convenient conversio.n kits and special software. Easy to use, and equipped with all the basic  ArcticPRO® functions, the ACX 350 model adds the possibility of TechPRO® self-diagnosis tools integration to enhance the management of particular maintenance functions, thus completing the functionality of the A/C Station itself.


  • 7” high visibility Touchscreen display
  • ONETOUCH liftdoor system
  • Database for service data
  • Oil Care containers
  • Wifi connection
  • Autom. purging of non-condensing gas
  • Oil bottles : 3 + 1 resh oil (PAG), used oil, UV additive + POE