Osca v2.0

OSCA V2.0 Diagnostic Tool

OSCA is the true hybrid of diagnostic tools. A remote diagnostic service that runs via an Android APP and now any web browser, which allows you to keep more work in-house!

The very latest OSCA V2.0 allows internet connections via 3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi and now has its own LAN connection built in!! Whilst still using the OSCA Android App, OSCA V.20 can also be used via your own dedicated website from ANY web browser.

OSCA V2.0 also now includes the very latest protocols for DoIP and CanFD vehicles.

OSCA saves you time & money in the simplest of ways. A pay as you go service, the team at OSCA can help with jobs such as module coding/programming, component protection removal, tow bar configuration and so much more! All whilst in your workshop.

Think of OSCA as investing as the quickly available use of an OEM only function. Without the hassle of any setup or updating whatsoever.


Easy To Use

Plug the OBD cable into the vehicle, select the vehicle and speak to a technician to complete the work.

No Update Costs

Everything is updated & combined in the cloud.

Cloud Based

No complicated installs or updates. Just a simple install of our OSCA app runs everything.

Low Cost

No modules. Only an OSCA Cable, compatible tablet and free OSCA app is required.

Hybrid of Diagnostic Tools
A combination of diagnostic solutions makes OSCA the hybrid of diagnostic tools.

Live Technician
A live technician completes your diagnostic work, leaving the job stress-free for you!